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The Chevy Tahoe is a 7 passenger Luxury SUV. When the 3rd row is not in use, this SUV has a trunk capacity of 51.7ft³. When the 3rd row is in use the cargo space is limited to 15.3ft³. Perfect for events, large and small groups, and luxurious airport travel. 

Luggage Capacity when all seats are full:

  • ​1 large + 1 medium+ hand luggage
  • 2 medium + 1 carry on + hand luggage. 
  • 3 carry on +hand luggage

As a midsize cross-over SUV, the Honda Pilot seats 4 adults and 2 children comfortably, and can be arranged in a variety of configurations.

Luggage Capacity when all seats are full:

  • same as mariner

Luggage Capacity with 4 passengers or less:

  • 3 Large+1 medium+hand luggage
  • ​4 medium+1 small+hand luggage

​​The Mercury Mariner is a small size SUV. It is one of the few carbon neutral vehicles on the road. It accommodates up to 4 passengers and has a trunk capacity of about 31ft³.

Luggage Capacity:

  • 2 large+hand luggage
  • 1 large+2 medium+hand luggage
  • 3 medium+1 small
  •  4 small+ hand luggage

Mercury Mariner

Honda Pilot

The Honda Odyssey seats 7 passengers comfortably. With the 3rd row up, it has a trunk capacity of 38.4³ft.

Luggage Capacity when all seats are full:

  • 2 Large+1 medium+hand luggage
  • 1 Large+1 medium+1 small+hand luggage
  • 3 medium+1 small+hand luggage
  • 5 small+hand luggage

When not in use the third row can be folded down for more cargo space. Perfect for traveling with skis, golf bags, surfboards and other oversized luggage. 

​Honda Odyssey

​The Hyundai Accent is ​​a 4 door sedan. It is our economy sized vehicle. This vehicle is recommended for up to 3 travelers and has a trunk capacity of 21.2ft³.

Luggage Capacity:

  • ​1 large suitcase + 1 carry on
  • 1 medium + 1 carry on
  • 3 carry on

Hyundai Accent


Chevy Tahoe